Chuyo Spring product high-performance parts by multitipe forming
technorogies. Chuyo Spring win high acclaim for the press technologies we
have developed through flat-spring manufacture since our inception as well as
for our fine-blanking tecnologies, which we led the indutry in adopting and
coiling technologieis that achieve high material efficiency

Stamping press support for small-lot
production with fast turnaround We are
able to process hard materials at high
●Press load : 45t~200t
●Thickness : t=0.1~6.0mm

Coiling achieve high material efficiency and
yields through the use of high carbon steel
wire rods.
●Diameter :
   Min Φ13mm【inside】

Fine blanking press are able to die-cut
special-steel plates up to 16mm in
thickness. We also deliver cost benefits
cobining multitipe machining types
(coining/burring) to convert sintered forged
and other products to fine-tooled sheet-
metal products.
●Press load : 100t~1000t
●Thickness : Max t=16mm