Every item should be of the highest quality and safety is also of importance. Margin of error should be 10-30 micron. His main responsibility is to develop new techniques in the mass production and all manufacturing departments. He also reads blueprints and comprehends what every item's function is. This helps him decide the most efficient way to mass produce every item. Transmission parts are a very import part of all cars. Vigorous responsibility and advance technologies are most important to attain and maintain the highest possible production quality. He also takes advantage of his vast experience to ensure the above. While he majored in science, he had no experience in mass production methods before joining Chuyo Spring Ltd. With very valuable assistance from his co-workers and hard work he was able to gain a great amount of experience and knowledge of mass production methods. With this great amount of experience and knowledge of mass production methods he was able to secure customer's confidence which led to an increase in orders, and in the future hopefully the sales will continue to increase.

My responsibilities include drawing plans and blueprints with CAD for all departments. When I first joined the company, I had no technical knowledge of drawing blueprints. At first it was very difficult but with hard work, patience and assistance from my co-workers, it slowly but surely became easier blueprint by blueprint! The most important point was the support and understanding of my coworkers. They made it so much easier for me. . Our department has a great atmosphere which encourages everyone to try their best to improve in all aspect of our work responsibilities.