Our shop’s responsibilities are bending and drilling holes in the product. As team leader he is responsible for instructions, time management, correcting any machine defects and finally making sure all products passes our high quality production tests, Our team aims to have zero defects in the production process stage . It is most satisfying when we have zero defects and do not have any mishaps . Without having the knowledge of the pre and post production lines we would be unable to produce the highest quality parts. When I first joined Chuyo Spring I had no knowledge but gradually through the training and advice of experienced coworkers I gained the knowledge and experience step by step. Also through our mistakes we are able to learn what went wrong and how to prevent the same mistake in the future. Through great communication we all can be successful production line employees. This helps the newer employees to be more motivated.

With her team leader's instructions, she is in charge of the mid section of the production line. She needs to be at her best body and mind to catch any defects. She tries her best to be at the top of her game every minute of everyday .During break times she has conversations with other employees or takes a short mini power nap to help refresh and revitalize herself.